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Q.  What if I can’t find my gadget using the search box
Use the intuitive category menu on the left hand side of the box to look for your gadget, if not you can click the ‘Can’t Find It?’ link at the bottom of the category menu and fill in the form.  We will get back to you with a valuation within 24 hours.

Q.  Can I sell more than one gadget at a time to you
Yes, there is no limit to the number of items you can sell in one transaction, to sell multiple items you will value each item and press ‘Sell Now’ which will add the item and the value to the Sell Cart, at the bottom you will see ‘Confirm to Proceed’ or ‘Sell more gadgets’.  If you press ‘Sell more gadgets’ it will take you back to the search but the items you have added will remain in your sell cart until you press ‘Confirm to proceed’ which will then add all of the items together and create the order to sell to us after final confirmation of the terms and conditions.

Q.  What Gadgets Can I send?
We handle the following gadgets product lines: Mobile Phones, Video Games Consoles, Mp3/4 Players, Laptop Computers, Cameras, DVD’s.
Please enter the make and model number for a valuation.

Q. What WONT you accept?
WE DO NOT ACCEPT PHYSICALLY DAMAGED GADGETS, scratches and small dents and general signs of wear and tear are fine, but we will reject units that have been dropped and damaged or sat on/trodden on, etc...
WE DO NOT ACCEPT LIQUID DAMAGED GADGETS.  These units will be returned to you, but if the signs of damage are obvious then we may require a handling and postage fee to be paid to return the unit back to you.

Q. How do I know if my gadget is LIQUID DAMAGED?

Q.  What must I send with my gadget?

We regard the Battery and Charger as part of the gadget, if it is supplied originally with the gadget you are sending you must include it.  There are so many different gadgets that we accept, it is impossible for us to keep a battery and charger for everything that might be sent in.  So if we receive a gadget and we can not power it up and test it then it will be regarded as faulty and returned to you.  Please remember to send the Battery and Charger if it was originally supplied with it from new. It is also very important that TV's, DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players and any goods which are sold with a remote control MUST have a working remote control otherwise it is likely to fail our valuation process as we will not be able to test it properly.

Q.  Do I pay for the postage when sending my gadget?
No, we will send you freepost packaging.  For large items or multiple goods we will send our freepost sticker to you but you will need to find a suitable box and packaging to prevent damage.  This is in order to keep the prices we pay for your gadgets as competitive as possible.  We will send a jiffy envelope with an address label to stick to it for small items.

Q.  What if my gadget is not in working order when you receive it?
If your gadget is tested and found to be faulty then we will offer you:

A. We may offer a re-valuation depending on the gadgets desirability
B. Return it back to you (this will incur a handling/postage fee)
C. Recycle it Free Of Charge

Q.  What if I forget to include my delivery note?
We will be able to identify that the item is yours by the barcode on the freepost label which contains your unique order ID it is also essential that you enter the serial number of the gadget correctly.

Q.  Can I send you many gadgets?
We buy many different types of gadgets and welcome you to take advantage and send us as many gadgets as you have available.

Q.  Do you accept barred mobile phones?
We do not accept barred phones.

Q.  Do you accept stolen goods?
Stolen goods are not accepted under any circumstances. Any discovery of theft will be passed onto the police, we currently use CheckMend to check the status of all gadgets sent to us.

Q.  How long is my valuation valid?
All valuations are valid for a maximum of 10 days.

Q.  Can I use Gadget Xchange if I live outside of the United Kingdom?
Our service is available to UK and Ireland only.

Q.  If my Gadget is found to be Blacklisted will I get it back?

This depends on the reason for it being blacklisted, if it is due to it being reported stolen then it will be passed on to the police as evidence and we also pass on the full details of the customer who sent it to us for further enquiries.  If it is due to being reported lost or non payment of bill then you may request the unit is returned but must pay a handling and administration fee of £10.00.

Please note:  If we discover a unit has been blacklisted after we have paid you your cheque we will require full reimbursment and will pursue this to the full extent of the law.

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